About Us

Evolution Research specialises in human services research and evaluation. Staff have in excess of 20 years' experience in the human services sector, including roles in direct service provision, policy development, audit/review and the provision of advice to government and other funding bodies. The team has experience in the government and non-government sectors, as well as research and consulting at the national and international level.

Evolution Research has a diverse range of experience across the human service setting, with principal areas of expertise including:

  • Disability services – planning, review and development;
  • Primary health services – General practice, mental health, community health programs;
  • Community and regional health services;
  • Drug and alcohol services and policy;
  • Employment and training services;
  • Community and residential aged care review; and
  • Facilitation of stakeholder consultation sessions, information sessions and focus groups.

Evolution Research is highly experienced in providing a wide range of services across the health services sector in both a research and evaluation capacity. The team is familiar with contemporary approaches to aged care services, psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health and disability services.

Our services include:

  • Widespread stakeholder consultations;
  • Program design, implementation and monitoring of assessment mechanisms;
  • Collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative health and community services data from a variety of sources, including primary and secondary data;
  • Development of industry specific training programs and materials;
  • Whole and part program evaluation;
  • Technical support to both government and non government agencies.
  • Reviews of national and international literature; and
  • Design and implementation of a range of data collection methods including questionnaire surveys; focus groups; individual interviews.